Pray for the Southeastern Region

Each week this online prayer mapping website highlights a different people group that needs to be reach in the Southeastern of the state. Take a look at the
missional prayer maps.

(You will have to create a login to view the regional page -- after login there is a one-time update page – choose “Alabama State Board of Mission.”)


Evaluate the Present Situation in the Southeastern Region   

The Our State section provides an analysis of both church and community data that is presented as a summary of the state. Read through the major findings for both church and community and suggested implications. Evaluate the situation within this region.


Review Lostness in Your County within the Southeastern Region

The Missional County Digest report gives an overview of lostness for each county in the state. The report is two-sided, letter size, designed to be folded like a bulletin. The full color report is provided in PDF format, ready to be printed and distributed. Click on the link to search for your county.


Identify Mission Sites for Church Planting

The Mission Point report identifies the top locations in the Southeastern of the state that has the greatest number of households with the least percentage of active evangelical presence within 3 miles. These are locations where few active (meaning attending an evangelical church at least 1 Sunday each month) evangelicals are located. In these highly unevangelized locations new ministries and new congregations are needed.


Explore Mission Sites for Church Planting

The Mission Site Digest report is a two page summary of the 60+ page Mission Site report that you can use to promote reaching the mission point location (2 versions are supplied – PDF and RTF). Click on the link to search for your mission sites digest reports.


Develop a Strategy to Reach People in a Mission Site

For each of the chosen locations identified in the MissionPoint reports, a MissionSite Report has been created. This 64 page report provides an overview of the demographic, ethnic, lifestyle, and consumer behavior characteristics in the mission site location. The report is designed to be used by church planting sponsors, church planters, and church plant core groups to evaluate the type of people in the area and the best approaches to use in developing new ministries and new congregations. Worksheets are provided to facilitate developing a missional strategy.


Search Southeastern Zipcodes

The Missional Zipcode Digest is a custom 2 page report that highlights community types, lifestyle groups, spiritual issues and other information to create awareness, personalize lostness and provide information necessary for missional strategy development and implementation. One of these for every zipcode in which an existing ALSBOM church is located has been provided.